Deploy extra force in sensitive areas: CEO

Bhopal: CEO Anupam Rajan has directed that special attention should be given to all the sensitive areas of the state. Additional force should also be deployed here as per requirement to increase vigilance.

Rajan reviewed the activities of the inter-state and intra-state checkpoints established in the state and asked the police officers to activate all these checkpoints. He told to increase the number of staff here and monitor every activity.

Rajan said that the monitoring system of flying squad and surveillance team (SST) prepared in the context of elections should be made more effective. He instructed these teams to act promptly and review their work daily.

Rajan gave instructions to give proper training to all police officers and employees engaged in elections. He said that in the training, policemen should also be told about their official duties and the prescribed procedure to be followed to fulfill these duties.

Rajan told the police officers that a border meeting should be organized between the police officers of the bordering districts of Madhya Pradesh and the district level police officers of the bordering states. Police officers of both the states should ensure that all necessary restrictive actions are taken within the time limit.

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