Delhi to sizzle at 46 degrees Celsius

New Delhi, May 27 (UNI) The people of the national capital will experience yet another day of extreme heat at 46 degrees Celsius that many have termed as “being roasted on a tawa (iron pan)”, with maximum temperatures hovering between 44 to 47 degrees Celsius over the past few days.

Between 1 and 5 pm the temperature was expected to steadily rise from 44 to 46 degrees Celsius and then reduce to 39 degrees by 11 pm.

The minimum temperature was recorded at 36 degrees Celsius.

Delhi will have intense heat in the next few days, the India Meteorological Department said. The temperatures will range between 29.2°C and 46°C, the IMD said.

The winds will shift during the week, beginning at 4 km/h from the southeast and changing to 25 km/h from the northwest by midday on Monday.

Expect mostly clear skies and heat waves in most locations of Delhi, with extreme heat waves in a few places, the MeT said.

Partially overcast skies with drizzle and gusty winds (25–35 km/h) are expected by the end of the week. People are advised to avoid outdoor activities and stay hydrated.

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