Days unseasonably hot in Bhopal; weather likely to change after 20 Nov

Bhopal: The city is currently experiencing an unseasonable hot weather during the first week of November, with daytime temperatures soaring to 33.5 degrees Celsius. In Bhopal, temperatures rarely cross the 33 degrees mark in November.

According to meteorologists, this warm trend is expected to persist, with daytime temperatures resembling summer-like conditions while the nights will offer a slightly colder respite.

Senior meteorologist HS Pandey explained that, typically, November witnesses an average daytime temperature of around 29 degrees, with nighttime temperatures dropping to around 11 to 12 degrees. However, the presence of a Western Disturbance has prevented a significant decrease in both daytime and nighttime temperatures. This weather pattern is projected to continue.

Notable drop in temp from Nov 20

Weather is likely to change from November 20. After November 20, a notable drop in temperature is anticipated, as the state transitions into considerably colder conditions. Additionally, daytime temperatures may decrease somewhat due to the influence of cold winds.

Nighttime temperatures are expected to remain stable around 16 to 17 degrees as another Western Disturbance becomes active from November 7.

Highest day temp in Tikamgarh

In terms of specific temperature readings, Tikamgarh recorded the highest daytime temperature at 34 degrees on Saturday. Simultaneously, Bhopal registered a temperature of 33.5 degrees, Indore at 31.4 degrees, Gwalior at 32.8 degrees, Damoh at 33.2 degrees, Mandla at 33.8 degrees, Narmadapuram at 33.3 degrees, Ujjain, Shivpuri, and Ratlam at 33 degrees, with the lowest temperature at Pachmarhi being 27.8 degrees.

Interestingly, night temperatures in many cities have actually risen rather than dropping. On the same Saturday, Bhopal recorded a nighttime temperature of 16.5 degrees, Gwalior at 16.3 degrees, Indore at 17 degrees, Ratlam at 17.8 degrees, Ujjain at 16 degrees, Narmadapuram at 16.8 degrees, Datia at 16.1 degrees, Damoh at 16.5 degrees, Khajuraho at 16.4 degrees, Narsinghpur at 19.4 degrees, Sagar at 18.4 degrees, Sidhi at 19 degrees, and Tikamgarh at 17 degrees Celsius.

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