Danish FM expresses regrets, apologies for Quran burning

Algiers, Aug 15 (UNI) Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen on Monday called his Algerian counterpart Ahmed Attaf, and expressed his “regrets and apologies” for the burning of the Islamic holy book of Quran in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The Danish diplomat said these acts were “intolerable and unacceptable,” and had run contrary to Denmark’s traditions of hospitality, openness and tolerance, the Algerian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Rasmussen told Attaf that the Danish government was about to finalize the text of a bill that would put an end to such practices, adding it will be submitted to the Danish parliament for deliberation in four weeks.

Denmark and Sweden have seen a string of protests over the past weeks in their capitals, in which copies of the Quran were burned or otherwise damaged in front of the embassies of Muslim countries, sparking outrage in the Muslim world.

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