Corporal Amar Singh clinches gold in 24 hour Marathon in Canberra

Bengaluru, Apr 8 (UNI) Corporal Amar Singh Devanda from the Indian Ultra Marathon team has clinched the Gold at the 24-hour IAU Asia Oceanic Championship in Canberra, marking a remarkable feat in his athletic career.

Amar’s exceptional achievement of covering 272.537 km in 24 hours not only secured him the prestigious gold medal but also established a new national record in the sport.

This confirmation was provided by the Indian Air Force through their official communication channels.

Before this triumph, Corporal Amar showcased outstanding performance during the Asia-Oceania 24-Hour Championship 2022 held in Bengaluru. On July 3, 2022, he covered an impressive distance of 257.618 kilometers. Additionally, under his leadership, the Indian team emerged victorious, securing the first position in the championship.

In December 2022, Corporal Amar demonstrated his resilience and endurance once again by securing the sixth position at the 24-Hour Ultra Marathon organized by the Chinese Taipei Association. Despite facing tough competition, he covered a distance of 204.47 kilometers, completing 510 laps, each measuring 400 meters, within the stipulated 24-hour timeframe.

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