Congress demands independent MLAs to explain the compulsion behind their resignation

Shimla, Mar 22 (UNI) Congress on Friday demanded the three Independent MLAs who resigned from the state Assembly to explain to the people of their constituencies, the compulsion behind their resignation.

Congress MLAs –Sanjay Ratna and Harish Janartha said the independents will have to tell the people of their constituency the compulsion behind leaving the legislature.

Why is the burden of by-elections being imposed on the public? They said when the voters had elected them for a full five years then under what pressure did they leave the Assembly membership within a year and a quarter?

Why are they insulting the sentiments of the voters of their constituencies?

He said that these questions will have to be answered by the three independent MLAs.

They said, all the three Independent MLAs have played with the sentiments of the people of the state and they will have to answer to the people of the state.

Sanjay Ratna and Harish Janartha said the independents got much work done for their constituencies by the present state government and today they are making baseless allegations of work not being done.

The Congress leaders said in the entire episode, the real face of BJP is exposed in front of the people of the state. How BJP is engaged in insulting the mandate of the year 2022 through money power, is in front of the people of the state.

Both of them said BJP has made a mockery of democracy and the spirit of democracy. BJP has added a dark chapter in the history of Devbhoomi Himachal Pradesh for power

They said the people of Himachal Pradesh are watching this drama and it will teach a lesson to both the independent MLAs and the BJP .

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