Congress-BRS alliance synonymous with corruption and appeasement politics: PM

Hyderabad, May 8 (UNI) The Congress-BRS alliance is synonymous with corruption and appeasement politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday alleged and said their governance model is synonymous with ‘zero governance’.

“It’s imperative that we unite to save Telangana from this destructive alliance,” Modi gave a call while addressing public meetings in Karimnagar and Warangal in Telangana.

Drawing a comparison between the BJP and the opposition parties, Modi emphasized, “The BJP has always prioritized Nation First above all else. However, in Telangana, both the Congress and BRS prioritize their own families first. There’s little to distinguish between Congress and BRS.

Expressing deep concern, PM Modi remarked, “When Telangana was formed, we placed our trust in the BRS party. However, for the sake of his family, BRS shattered the dreams of Telangana’s families.

This echoes the history of Congress, he said that after independence, the nation placed its hopes in the Congress Party, only to witness the same pattern: Family First. Even if the country suffers, their Family First Policy comes first, highlighting the sorry state of affairs.

“The Congress’ Family First policy even led to the disrespect of leaders like PV Narasimha Rao. Even after his passing, his mortal remains were denied entry into the Congress office. It was the NDA government that bestowed upon PV Narasimha Rao the Bharat Ratna, honoring his contributions,” the PM said while exposing the cruelties of Congress party.

PM Modi pointed out, “Corruption is the hallmark of the Congress-BRS alliance.

Despite accusing each other of corruption, they are part of the same syndicate, he said when BRS accused Congress of ‘cash for votes? Did any investigation happen when BRS was in power,” he questioned.

Likewise, Congress accused BRS of the Kaleshwaram scam but despite being in power in Telangana for so long, has Congress conducted any investigation into it, the PM also questioned and added that “ It’s evident: both are involved in the same corruption syndicate.”

In a scathing attack on the Congress’s double standards, PM Modi questioned that just five years ago, they were obsessed with Ambani and Adani. However, overnight, their perspective has shifted, and now they remain silent about them.

“What could be the reason behind this sudden change? How far will this hypocrisy go? How much black money have they received from Adani, Ambani?” he asked.

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