Cong wants to lure voters with money: Vijayvargiya

Bhopal:  After some Congress leaders from Chhindwara parliamentary seat of Madhya Pradesh were caught allegedly distributing money, state government minister and Bharatiya Janata Party Jabalpur cluster in-charge Kailash Vijayvargiya said that Congress does not trust public opinion and the party first ruled the country by dividing it. Did it and now wants to rule by distributing money.

Mr. Vijayvargiya said in his statement late last night that the character of Congress and its leaders has been that they do not trust public opinion. The same work is being done by Congress and Congress’ Lok Sabha candidate Nakul Nath in Chhindwara Lok Sabha constituency. Congress is trying to buy democracy in Chhindwara through demonetization. Congress thinks, divide and rule will suffice. Congress first ruled the country by dividing it, now Nakulnath, who considers Chhindwara as his stronghold, wants to rule by distributing money. The voter is God and Congress, which was thinking of buying God, has been caught red handed. If the false promises of Nyaya Patra do not work then the leaders of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are making a malicious attempt to buy the God of democracy by bidding with money.

BJP will approach EC & file plaint

Shri Vijayvargiya was reacting to Girish Sahu, District Congress General Secretary and Mohkhed development block supervisor in Chhindwara, being caught distributing money in Bisapur village. He said that BJP will approach the Election Commission and lodge a complaint regarding this issue and will demand investigation into the whereabouts of Congress and Nakul Nath.

He said that Congress is trying to influence the elections on the basis of money power. The revelation of currency distribution has proved that Congress has accepted its defeat and is trying to buy people off by luring them with money. Congress first tries to buy votes by giving notes, when it loses the elections then it blames EVMs.

In Chhindwara, Congress District General Secretary Girish Sahu has been arrested while distributing money in Bisapur village. Police has seized an amount of Rs 4 lakh 94 thousand from the accused. After this the police have registered the case and are investigating.


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