Cong govt in Chhattisgarh responsible for cow dung scam worth Rs 1,300 cr : Yogi alleges

Kanker/Rajnandgaon/Kabirdham (Chhattisgarh), Nov 4 (UNI) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in a diatribe on the Congress Party government in Chhattisgarh alleged that while its partner in Bihar did fodder scam, the grand old party itself was responsible for the cow dung scam worth Rs 1,300 crore in the state.

Yogi held four rallies in Bhanupratappur, Dongargaon, Pandariya and Kawardha and sought votes in favour of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidates. The first phase of the election is to be held in the state on November 7.

He alleged, “A total of 16 lakh houses were reportedly provided by the government in Chhattisgarh, but the addresses of these houses are not known. Congress would never have created Chhattisgarh. It was done by former Prime Minister Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee. If BJP has created Chhattisgarh, it will also beautify it.”

The CM said, “Dr Raman Singh succeeded in building the state in 15 years, but Congress destroyed the state in five years. So, the preparations are complete for staging the comeback of BJP in Chhattisgarh because the party is necessary for the state.”

He said that those who used to say that ‘we do not tell the date’, should know that Ram Lala we are constructing and we are also telling the date of January 22.

Yogi held his first public meeting in Bhanupratappur where he appealed to voters to vote for BJP candidate Gautam Uike.

He called upon the people of Chhattisgarh to take the pledge to bury the corruption of Congress.

The Chief Minister said that earlier the Chhattisgarh government stood in the dock due to corruption in mining. “Now there have been complaints of corruption in development schemes,” he said.

Referring to the cow dung scam, Yogi alleged that the Congress government grabbed Rs 1,300 crore by buying cow dung from a place where there was no cow and selling it for Rs 10 per kg. “A new scam is coming in the name of Mahadev App to grab money from 10 lakh people,” he said.

Seeking votes for BJP candidate Bharat Lal Verma from Dongargaon assembly constituency and BJP candidate Geeta Ghasi from Khujji, Yogi said that Chhattisgarh is like a maternal home for the people of UP. “This is the birthplace of Mother Kaushalya. Lord Ram’s temple is being built in Ayodhya.

Lord Ram will be seated in the temple by the Prime Minister in January. So, the festival should be held in Chhattisgarh as well,” he said.

The UP CM said, “The temple is being built and the date is also being revealed that Ram Lala will be seated in the temple on January 22, but the date of Congress does not come. Chhattisgarh is one of the richest areas in terms of natural wealth, minerals, forests and water resources, but the Congress government has ruined it in five years,” he said.

The third public meeting of Yogi was held in the Pandariya assembly constituency. Urging people to vote for BJP’s Bhavna Bohra, he said that the good governance government led by PM Modi is distributing the benefits of schemes equally to the entire country.

He said, “Congress gave terrorism, Naxalism, corruption and anarchy to the country. Congress is the name of the problem due to which the poor, Dalits, deprived and tribals are all troubled. Congress has continuously been the centre of chaos in the country and Chhattisgarh,” Yogi remarked.

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