Cong conspiring to take away rights of Dalits, tribals: Prahlad

Bhopal: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader and Madhya Pradesh government minister Prahlad Patel today alleged that Congress is conspiring to snatch away the rights of Dalits, tribals and backward classes, which should be condemned as much as possible. , that is less.

Patel made this allegation while discussing with journalists at BJP’s State Media Center here. He said that this conspiracy of Congress is going to weaken the country and shatter the constitutional values, which cannot be condemned enough. By talking about religion-based reservation which was not accepted by the makers of our Constitution, the Congress Party is ignoring the Constitution of the country in the greed for its electoral gains.

The senior leader said that Congress had chosen two paths since the country’s independence. One of these was appeasement of minorities and the other was hostility towards the majority. Congress has an old habit of robbing the rights of SC, ST and OBC. He said that the country already knows about Congress’s policy of minority appeasement, but what Congress has just talked about on Muslim reservation has also revealed to the country its intentions against the majority society.

Patel said that on the historic day of 11 August 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had given constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission. The biggest proof of Congress’s intentions towards the majority society and backward classes is that despite being mentioned in the Constitution, Congress did not give constitutional status to the Backward Classes Commission before 2018, even though there were Congress governments in the country for decades. The Congress’s conspiracy behind this was that the Congress ruled states would keep playing with the rights of the backward people by forming commissions as per their wish.

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