Complaints of violation of Code of Conduct resolved

Bhopal: All 7 thousand 673 complaints of violation of the Model Code of Conduct in Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections 2023 have been received through C-Vigil App and resolved promptly within time.

Chief Electoral Officer Shri Anupam Rajan said that the Model Code of Conduct has come into effect from October 9 for the Assembly elections 2023 in the state. C-Vigil app has been prepared by the Election Commission of India to provide quick information about violations of the Model Code of Conduct. This app has been active ever since the Model Code of Conduct came into effect. Through this app, any citizen can make any complaint about violation of Model Code of Conduct through photo or video.

The complaints are being resolved promptly by the concerned authorities soon after being received. Shri Rajan said that any citizen can download this app on his Android mobile by visiting Google Play Store.

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