College girl sexually abused after befriending on social media

Bhopal: A case of rape of a college student has come to light in Shahpura area. The accused befriended the student through internet media on Instagram and later took her to a hotel on the pretext of a day out where she was raped. Later, when the accused threatened to take her photos and make them viral, the student complained to the police. The police have registered an FIR against the accused under various sections including rape and arrested him.

According to the police, the 22-year-old girl lives in Shahpura area. She is studying from MP Nagar College. Through internet media, she became friends with accused Rahul Ahirwar on Instagram. Online conversation started between the two. As the closeness between the two increased, in the month of November 2023, he called the student for an outing. When the student came to meet, Rahul took her to a hotel in Trilanga area. Here he raped the student by threatening her.

During this time he also took obscene photographs of the student. He silenced the student by threatening to disseminate the photo on various mediums of internet media. After this, when he tried to pressurize her to meet again, the student told the whole story to her brothers. When the brothers talked to Rahul and his family members, Rahul said that he would marry the student. Three days ago he suddenly refused to marry. After this the student complained about the matter to the police. Shahpura police has registered an FIR under other sections including rape and arrested him.

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