CM will himself lose in Chhattisgarh polls: Modi

Mungeli, Nov 13 (UNI) In an attempt to blow the Congress to smithereens in election-bound Chhattisgarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed on Monday that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is himself on the route to encountering a debacle in his constituency.

Addressing a public meeting in this district, the visiting dignitary averred, “These days, journalist friends and political analysts in Delhi approach me, and I interact with them. There is one thing they are telling me with supreme confidence. They are saying, ‘Modi-ji, lay a wager’. I tell them that I do not bet but please divulge the issue. They reply by saying, ‘Please write down, the Chief Minister is himself going to experience defeat in Chhattisgarh.’

Old-generation dedicated personages in the Congress are also livid as they are marginalised and feel that a massive deception was perpetrated, the Prime Minister alleged, adding that when the Congress dispensation was constituted in this state, an “agreement” was reached that the CM’s post would be occupied by two individuals in succession for a period of two and a-half years each.

“However, in the first half itself, the Chief Minister perpetrated heavy corruption, then opened his treasure trove for party bigwigs in Delhi and purchased them. His son acts like a super CM,” Modi underlined.

Heaping sarcasm on his adversaries, he said that some “extremely knowledgeable personages” in Congress have suddenly developed an affinity for mathematics, but those playing the numbers game cannot solve even problems that the state’s fifth-standard pupil can.

Alleging that every Congress ticket was sold in Chhattisgarh, the Prime Minister highlighted the Mahadev app scam, the Public Service Commission inconsistencies, and the unfulfilled promise of prohibition.

“That party insulted Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar and conspired to finish his political legacy. The Congress can do just about anything for appeasement and to satiate its greed for votes. It is responsible for poverty. The media should ask the Congress as to why it is attempting to fool the masses with fresh promises when it could not fulfil its ‘Garibi hatao’ slogan in 50 years? That party has a commercial outlet of untruth and never felt in its heart that the impoverished should not die of hunger,” he emphasised.

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