CM speaks on phone with MP students in Kyrgyzstan

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav spoke on phone to the students of Madhya Pradesh living in violence-hit Kyrgyzstan and assured them of their safety.

Dr. Yadav talked to the students and told them that the Narendra Modi government at the Center is worried about them.

The Chief Minister said that due to disputes at the local level, a situation of unrest has arisen in Kyrgyzstan. During the conversation, the students told Chief Minister Dr. Yadav that all the students are living in the hostel and they are not facing any problem there.

Dr Yadav spoke to students Rohit Panchal, Ravi Sarathe and Vivek Sharma. Also asked them about the well being of other students. Dr. Yadav assured the students that they should study while staying in the hostel. Their examination is going to be held soon, they all should appear in the examination, after this there will be a leave of two and a half months, we will call them home.

The CM assured him that if any untoward situation arises, he can talk to the district administration in Madhya Pradesh. They can also inform the state government and immediate action will be taken on this.

At present, 1200 students from the state and about thirty thousand students from the entire country are living and studying in Kyrgyzstan.

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