CM flags off Ken-Betwa and Parvati-Kalisindh-Chambal Jal Kalash Yatra

  • 24 police personnel promoted out of turn; appointment letters provided to 1000 candidates

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
CM Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that all organs of governance should become a symbol of good governance. Steps like registry in the purchase and sale of movable property as well as the system of name transfer and simplification of the process of passing house maps have been taken for the convenience of the public. It is the duty of the state government to take care of the lives of the soldiers engaged in the defense of the country and the police personnel dedicated to maintaining law and order. The state government is with them at every step. CM Dr. Mohan Yadav was addressing the program organized at Kushabhau Thackeray Auditorium.

CM Dr. Yadav said that this program organized for distribution of appointment letters to one thousand newly appointed candidates, inauguration of Ken-Betwa and Parvati Kali Sindh Chambal Project, Jal Kalash Yatra and out-of-turn promotion to police personnel is similar to Triveni, and The aim of all three is public welfare and development of the state. Deputy CM Jagdish Deora, Deputy CM Rajendra Shukla, Water Resources Minister Tulsi Silavat, Panchayat and Rural Development, Labor Minister Prahlad Patel, Revenue Minister Karan Singh Verma, MP VD Sharma, Additional Chief Secretary Water Resources Dr. Rajesh Rajoura were present in the program.

Promotional chariots will go to 3600 villages

CM Dr. Yadav inaugurated the Ken-Betwa and Parvati-Kalisindh-Chambal Jal Kalash Yatra by lighting the lamp and flowing the water of Mother Narmada in the Kalash. CM Dr. Yadav flagged off five chariots of Jal Kalash Yatra from the Kushabhau Thackeray Auditorium complex. In the programme, films focusing on the benefits of the project and the importance of water were screened. CM Dr. Yadav gave out-of-turn promotion to 24 police personnel who displayed bravery and bravery and gave them stars for the promoted posts. CM Dr. Yadav distributed appointment letters to one thousand newly appointed candidates virtually through a single click and as a symbol, he provided appointment letters to 9 candidates from the platform.

Project will change the lives of people

CM Dr. Yadav has said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a new picture of the changing era of India is in front of us. Bundelkhand and Chambal region of the state was backward due to lack of water. Ken-Betwa Link Project will increase irrigation facilities in Bundelkhand region and will make the life of the people of the region simple and joyful. Rivers are life giving for us.

We are proud to promote our dutiful cops

CM Dr. Yadav said that we are proud of the police personnel who faced the Naxalites and controlled them while living in an area deprived of difficult geographical conditions and means of communication. Police work is not just a job, it is also a commitment to patriotism and public service. We are proud to pay tribute to the courage and devotion to duty of the heroes who defeated the Naxalites by giving them out-of-turn promotions.

Jal Kalash Yatra is a resolution for development

Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat has said that Ken-Betwa Link Project and Parvati-Kalisindh-Chambal Link Project Jal Kalash Yatra is a pledge for the development and progress of the state. The resolve of linking rivers taken by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is being fulfilled in Madhya Pradesh. There has been unprecedented growth in the irrigation sector in Madhya Pradesh.

SI, ASI, constables promoted

Dr. Yadav gave out of turnpromotion to 24 police personnel who displayed courage and devotion to duty in the encounter with Naxalites on December 14, 2023 in Kamkodadar, Balaghat and awarded them stars of higher rank. Dr. Mohan Yadav also provided appointment letters to the newly appointed candidates.

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