Cleans Jamboree grounds in just 2 hours

  • Corporation staff once again presented an example of promptness
  • 15 dumpers transported garbage to disposal sites

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Municipal Corporation, Bhopal is continuously setting an example of promptness by cleaning the venues and surrounding areas and roads in a short time after major events, along with regular cleaning of the city.

In the same sequence, after the program organized at the Jamboree Ground in the special presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, taking immediate action, in just 2 hours the entire ground including the main Pandal and surrounding areas and roads were cleaned at the venue of the program and collected 15 dumpers of garbage, picked up and transported to the execution sites.

Safai Mitras took charge

The staff of the Health Department of the Corporation divided the entire site into different sectors for the cleanliness of the entire program venue, parking lot and surrounding areas and routes of the Jamboree Ground. More than 400 Safai mitras carried out cleanliness through resources. And transported about 15 dumpers of garbage to the disposal sites.

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