Class 9, 11 half-yearly exam from 6 Dec

Bhopal: The half-yearly examinations of class 9th and 11th are starting from 6 December 2023 and even 50 percent of the studies in schools have not been completed yet. This time many reasons have come to light, from assembly elections to transfer and release of seniority list.

Now only 15 to 17 days are left for the half-yearly examinations of classes IX and XI. This time, from August to November, there was turmoil in the department due to various works. First the seniority list was released. Due to this seniority list, many teachers moved here and there and then the transfer list was released and after this Diwali vacation came and the election training also ended on 17th November for the assembly elections. Now schools will be able to be set up properly from 20th November itself.

Now only 15 days will be left for the half yearly examination. Counting of votes is also to be done in these 15 days and teachers will be deployed for this also. In such a situation, the education of students up to class 9th and class 11th has been greatly affected. It is scheduled to start from 6th December. The half-yearly examinations will continue till December 16 and after this, practical examinations for class 10th and 12th will also be held. Due to elections and various other activities, studies have been greatly affected this time. Now only time will tell what the result will be.

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