Class 10 student fatally crushed

Father and friend in critical condition
Bhopal: A devastating incident unfolded on Saturday morning as a class 10 student, Mabia (15), on her way to school with her father, met with a fatal accident. The tragedy occurred when a car driver negligently opened a door, causing their two-wheeler to collide with it.

Subsequently, Mabia was fatally crushed by a dumper from the Bhopal Municipal Corporation that approached them from behind. Her friend, riding pillion, slipped into a coma, and her father is reportedly in critical condition, according to Budhwara police station TI CB Rathore.

The unfortunate sequence of events transpired near Moti Masjid in Budhwara, where the trio fell to the ground after the car door incident. Mabia, Shareef (her father), and her friend all fell, with Mabia landing a bit away from the others. Tragically, a dumper approaching from behind swiftly crushed Mabia to death. The car driver fled the scene, while the dumper driver was apprehended and handed over to the police for questioning. Shareef and Mabia’s friend were immediately rushed to the hospital.

Shareef is currently in critical condition, and Mabia’s friend has entered a coma. Authorities are actively investigating the incident, questioning the dumper driver and reviewing CCTV footage to gain insights into the tragic occurrence.

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