Children should be sensitized towards environment

Governor opens conference of Lesser Known Species of MP

Bhopal: Governor Mangubhai Patel has said that it is the responsibility of humans to protect all the creations of the universe. To discharge this responsibility, nature has given man mental, physical powers, feelings of compassion, mercy and sensitivity, but man has used these powers only to exploit nature. Today we are experiencing four seasons in one day. He expected that children should be sensitized regarding the importance, utility and role of humans in biodiversity.  Study tours and other public awareness programmes should be organized for them on a large scale.

Governor Patel was today addressing the inauguration of the two-day national conference on Lesser Known Species of Madhya Pradesh organized by Biodiversity Board and Society for Natural Healers Conservators and Tourism Department. The theme of the conference is the challenges of management and conservation efforts of lesser-known animal diversity. The conference was organized in the auditorium of Environmental Planning and Coordination Organization EPCO, Bhopal.

Conservation of nature’s creations is our responsibility

Governor Patel said that the current environmental problems like global warming, climate change, air and water pollution etc. are the result of this. It is important to understand that every living being has importance in the structure of creation. Being the most powerful creature in nature, man has the responsibility not to ignore the interests of others for his own pleasure.  He said conservation of nature’s creations in our responsibility The more diversity there is in an ecosystem, the greater will be the chances of species survival and productivity even in adverse conditions.

Booklet released, contest inaugurated

Governor  Patel inaugurated the programme by lighting the lamp followed by presenting the booklet Endangered Medicines, Trees and Species in the Forests of Madhya Pradesh published by the Biodiversity Board. He also inaugurated the Wildlife Photography Contest on the topic Lesser Known Species of Madhya Pradesh, Jan Nayak posters of Biodiversity Conservation and released the annual calendar of Bhopal Bird Association. He was welcomed by Member Secretary, Biodiversity Board, V.K. Ambade. The memento was presented by Vikas Singh Baghel on behalf of Natural Healers Conservators and Tourism Department.

Member Secretary Biodiversity Board, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests,  V.K. Ambade highlighted the outline of the conference and gave information about the work being done in the state for biodiversity conservation. He informed that Barasingha has been successfully reestablished in Kanha National Park in the state. About 150 participants are participating in the conference.

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