Chandrayaan-3 : 3 Mission objectives achieved

Chennai, Aug 26 (UNI) ISRO on Saturday evening said the third Lunar Mission Chandryaaan-3 achieved three mission objectives.

In a social media post, ISRO said “of the 3 mission objectives, Demonstration of a Safe and Soft Landing on the Lunar Surface is accomplished”

“Demonstration of Rover roving on the moon is accomplished”, it said.

“Conducting in-situ scientific experiments is underway. All payloads are performing normally”, ISRO added.

Meanwhile, ISRO also released a video of Rover roaming around the Shiv Shakti point in pursuit of Lunar secrets at the South Pole region of the moon.

“Pragyan rover roams around Shiv Shakti Point in pursuit of lunar secrets at the South Pole (with a moon picture) !”, it said.

The Rover, deployed by the Lander Module (LM), carried on board the Chandrayaan-3, has successfully traversed a distance of eight metres.

All the planned Rover movements were verified and all the payloads in Propulsion Module (PM), LM and Rover, were performing nominally, ISRO said.

All planned Rover movements have been verified and the Rover has successfully traversed a distance of about 8 meters”, it added.

It said Rover payloads LIBS and APXS are turned ON and all payloads on PM, LM and Rover are performing nominally.

ISRO also said a two-segment ramp facilitated the roll-down of the rover and a solar panel enabled the rover to generate power, while releasing a video on how the rapid deployment of the ramp and solar panel took place, prior to the roll down of the rover and heading towards sunlight.

The deployment mechanisms, totalling 26 in the Ch-3 mission, were developed at the U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC)/ISRO, Bengaluru.

The LM made a successful soft landing on the South Polar Region of the Moon on Wednesday, marking India the first nation to achieve this feat, and the Rover was deployed from it a couple of hours later, after the dust caused by the landing, got cleared.

ISRO said “the Ch-3 Rover ramped down from the Lander and India took a walk on the moon !”.

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