Ch-3 mission : Rover deployed from LM, to conduct experiments, send pixs soon

Chennai, Aug 23 (UNI) The Rover, one of the key payloads carried it on the Lander Module (LM) on board the Chandrayaan-3 mission, has been successfully deployed on the South Polar region of the moon with the release of first photo for conducting in situ chemical analysis of the Lunar surface that would assist ISRO in future space exploration programmes.

After the LM made a soft landing on the Moon’s surface on Wednesday evening with a powered descent during which its velocity was reduced in a phased manner, and it deployed the Rover on the region, a few hours after the dust got settled on LM landing, and ejected it out successfully.

ISRO sources said there will no air on that region and it till take about 2-3 hours for the dust, that surfaced upon LM landing, to get it cleared, a point confirmed by ISRO Chief S.Somanath.

“Now that it (the dust) has got cleared, the Rover was successfully deployed’, making the mission a grand success and making India the first country in the world to enter the South pole region of the moon, ISRO sources said.

Now the Rover will start taking pictures of the far side of the Lunar area and send it to ground stations.

“India’s moon rover has come out of the lander and is on the ramp”,

Mr Pawan K Goenka, Chairman, INSPACe, the regulator for private players in the space sector, posted in a tweet.

He also posted the “First photo of Rover coming out of the lander on the ramp,”

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