CBI nabs Bhopal railway officer taking bribe

Bhopal: CBI caught a railway officer in Bhopal Railway Division red-handed while taking a bribe of Rs 15,000. CBI is collecting information against accused officer Aadhar Singh.

CBI has caught Bhopal Railway Division Chief Law Assistant Aadhar Singh red-handed while taking a bribe of Rs 15,000. The accused officer is posted in the Personnel Department. He was demanding bribe from Sushil Joshi, an employee of his own department, to get two cases pending in Jabalpur CAT closed.

Sushil Joshi had given a written complaint to CBI on January 8. In this he had told that Chief Law Assistant in Bhopal Railway Division Aadhar Singh is demanding a bribe of Rs 20 thousand to get his two cases diluted. He is being asked by them to transfer money to the UPI number.

In the complaint, Sushil Kumar said that former DPO Ajay Kumar Dixit had given two charge sheets without any reason to harass him. He had filed an application against this in CAT Jabalpur. Both these cases are pending in CAT Jabalpur. Regarding these cases, Aadhar Singh told Sushil Joshi that on behalf of the legal section, he will weaken and resolve both the cases. After this, CBI arrested Aadhar Singh red-handed while taking bribe on Tuesday night and started investigation. CBI is collecting information about Aadhar Singh’s income and assets.

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