Caste census to be implemented if congress comes to power in Telangana: Rahul Gandhi

Warangal (Telangana), Nov 17 (UNI) Former AICC President Rahul Gandhi announced that the Congress government, if elected in the coming Telangana Assembly election on November 30, would undertake a caste census.

Addressing an election campaign meeting titled “Congress Vijaya Bheri” held at Manuguru in this district on Friday, Rahul stated that the connection between Telangana and himself is not only political but also a blood relation.

He outlined six assurances provided by the Congress– Gas cylinders for Rs 500, free bus travel for women, free electricity for the poor and middle-class people, savings of two thousand bus fares per month, financial assistance to farmers and farmers, financial assistance for Indiramma houses for the poor without homes, assistance to students in the name of youth development.

Furthermore, Rahul Gandhi pledged to establish an international school in every mandal and criticized KCR for allegedly helping his family while asserting that the Congress only supports the poor.

He expressed the party’s commitment to the welfare of Dalits and minorities, announcing plans to conduct a caste census and provide reservations based on population. Rahul Gandhi also promised to increase OBC reservation to 42 percent.

Highlighting his journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Rahul Gandhi asserted that the country is in danger with BJP and RSS.

He accused these parties of attempting to sow division between religions and emphasized that India is a country that spreads love, not hatred.

Rahul Gandhi’s focus in the campaign is on defeating BJP and BRS, considering them as two branches of the same tree.

He alleged that BRS MPs are helping BJP in Lok Sabha, and MIM is contesting against Congress to strengthen BJP.

He stated that his aim is to defeat BJP in 2024.

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