Campaign will be conducted for awareness about wild animals: CM

  • Meeting of MP State Wildlife Board held under chairmanship of CM Dr. Yadav

Bhopal: Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav has said that it is necessary to run a campaign focused on making the general public aware of the conduct and behavior of wild animals and the necessary provisions for the protection of wild animals. Activities should also be conducted to generate interest among the general public regarding the crocodile sanctuary. There should also be discussion on developing a system for the conservation of wild animals by private units and the general public at the individual level. To save people from snakebite, there should be information about snake catchers at every police station level and the caught snakes should also be conserved in a systematic manner. Arrangements should be made for training of snake catching soldiers of Home Guards. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav congratulated on the increase in the number of cheetahs in the state under the Cheetah Rehabilitation Project. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav was addressing the 25th meeting of Madhya Pradesh State Wildlife Board at the Ministry.

Number of vultures increases

It was told in the meeting that the number of vultures has increased in the state. According to the initial summer assessment of this year, the number of vultures has increased to 10 thousand 845. The total number of cheetahs in the Cheetah Rehabilitation Project of Kuno National Park has increased to 26, of which 13 are adults and 13 are cubs. Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary is ready for cheetah rehabilitation and there is a plan to move 50 Gaurs from Satpura to Bandhavgarh.

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