CAA will be implemented before Lok Sabha poll : Amit Shah

New Delhi, Feb 10 (UNI) Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday, while terming Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) as the law of the country, said that it will be implemented before the Lok Sabha election.

Speaking at the ET Global Business Summit here, he said that the minority community of the country especially Muslims, are being misled that this Act will take away their citizenship.

“This Act will not take away the citizenship as there is no such provision in it. CAA is for providing citizenship to refugees of minority communities who have come to India after being persecuted on basis of religion in Pakistan and Bangladesh,” Shah said.

“I think there should not be any objection into it,” he added.

The Home Minister said that UCC was the agenda of BJP during the Jan Sangh time and there should not be any doubt in it.

He said that the Congress while practicing appeasement politics forgot about UCC which was a Constitutional agenda and was also signed by first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru and leaders such as Maulana Azad, Sardar Patel and Rajendra Prasad.

“In Uttarakhand, UCC was enforced as it is a huge social change agenda. The UCC Law in state should also have a social, religious discussions. And there will be legal scrutiny too. There cannot be a religion-based law in a secular country,” he asserted.

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