Breast cancer operation conducted through plastic surgery in AIIMS

  • Remembered AIIMS after visiting hospitals

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
A 40-year-old patient resident of Narmadapuram was suffering from a cancerous lump in her left breast for the last 6 months. After visiting hospitals in the city, she was told that the treatment would require surgical removal of the breast, which would cost approximately Rs 3 lakh. Knowing this she started breaking down. After consulting her family, she thought why not go to AIIMS once. Dr. Nilesh Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, AIIMS Bhopal, conducted various clinical, radiological and histopathological examinations of the patient and a plan was made for the treatment, so that the cancerous part of the patient’s breast could be removed through operation and given a normal appearance with the help of plastic surgery. During the operation, sentinel lymph node biopsy was done and sent for frozen section. When found positive for malignancy, extensive local dissection of the tumor and axillary amputation followed by placement of lateral intercostal perforator flap was performed under the guidance of Dr. Vinay Kumar, Incharge, Surgical Oncology, AIIMS. The operation was successfully performed by the team led by Dr. Nilesh Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Deepak Krishna, Associate Professor, Burns and Plastic Surgery and Dr. Sandeep (Assistant Professor, Anaesthesia). This not only gives a normal appearance to the patient’s body, the patient also remains psychologically very positive.

This procedure is being done regularly in the Surgical Oncology Department of AIIMS Bhopal. Sentinel node biopsy can prevent excessive dissection and reduce morbidity, which is now being done at AIIMS. Breast conservation surgery with reconstruction can save the future morbidity of shoulder dislocation as well as axillary dissection, while also helping to maintain normal breast shape.

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