Blow to BJP: Girjashankar Sharma joins Cong

Bhopal: The process of defection continues before the MP Pradesh Assembly elections. Sometimes Congress is making a dent in the BJP camp and sometimes BJP is laying siege to Congress. In this series, Congress is once again going to give another big blow to BJP from Hoshangabad on Sunday. Today, on September 10, about 9 days after resigning from the primary membership of BJP, former MLA Pandit Girjashankar Sharma is going to join the Congress party.

Kamal Nath will get Congress membership

Girjashankar Sharma reached the state office of Congress in Bhopal along with hundreds of his supporters and will now accept membership of Congress in front of PCC Chief and former CM Kamal Nath. There is news that some BJP officials associated with him, present councilors, former councilors, District Panchayat, Janpad Panchayat members can take membership of Congress. The discussions about the former MLA joining Congress have created a stir in the political circles. Sharma is the elder brother of former Assembly Speaker and current MLA Dr. Sitasaran Sharma.

Congress will get strength, BJP will be affected

Girjashankar Sharma has been MLA twice, District President of BJP twice and Municipality President.

Sharma has a good hold in Narmadapuram, in such a situation, if former MLA Girijashankar Sharma, who has been carrying the party flag since the time of Jan Sangh, leaves the BJP, it can be considered certain that the BJP will suffer a loss. This will now give more strength to the Congress in the assembly elections. BJP’s votes may be affected. Earlier, Virendra Raghuvanshi, MLA from Kolaras seat in Shivpuri district, had resigned from the party and joined Congress along with his supporters.

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