Blind murder cracked, son turns out to be woman’s killer

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Bhopal: Kamla Nagar police have cracked a blind murder within 24 hours. Shockingly, her teenage son turns out to be the killer of her mother.

A 38-year-old woman was allegedly found dead at her home in Kamla Nagar police station area on Thursday morning. The incident came to light when her son returned home after attending a birthday party.

In the primary investigations, it was found that the victim was strangulated. Several marks of altercation were seen at the spot and on the body of the victim. The victim’s 19-year-old son called his neighbours, who informed the police. The woman’s husband, who was in Chhattisgarh, was also informed about the incident. The police have registered a case and launched an investigation.

In the short PM report by the doctor, it has been stated that the death of the deceased was due to strangulation. On the basis of PM report, a case was registered against the unknown accused and taken up for investigation. After investigation, the people living in the neighborhood and the family members and relatives were questioned in which they expressed suspicion on deceased’s son Raunak More. On this basis, the deceased’s son Raunak was interrogated. He confessed to his crime and told that he had a one-sided love for a girl and wanted to marry her and bring her home. But my mother did not like it.

The accused said that on February 14, around midnight, I asked my mother to bring the girl home, but my mother refused, which made me angry. I pushed my mother, due to which my mother collided with the edge of the bed and her lip got cut. Then my mother slapped me. Due to which I became even angrier, so I strangled my mother with a scarf lying nearby and killed her.

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