BJP’s Sandeshkhali ‘plot’ will be remembered: Mamata

Goghat/Bishnupur (WB), May 19 (UNI) People will not forget BJP’s Sandeshkhali “conspiracy” for as long as they live and remember the devious plot, averred West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Addressing election rallies Saturday night, Banerjee asked, “Are the women of Sandeshkhali not our mothers and sisters? They were not allowed to even know what they had signed. Isn’t the BJP ashamed of what they did?”

“They [BJP] try to spark riots by moving the idols of our gods and playing with the sentiments of people. I will caution the administration across the state and ask them to take care of the situation. After BJP’s Sandeshkhali conspiracy has been foiled, this is their [BJP’s] plan: they will try to move the idols of our gods and stoke communal violence. Make sure this doesn’t happen anywhere. If this happens anywhere, the administration must address it immediately and ensure that the idols are placed with all respect,” Banerjee stated.

“I have never seen such a PM before who only believes in sowing divisions within the country. If Modi wins again, he will use CAA, NRC, and UCC to erase our diverse identities and disenfranchise people. There were a few photos of people in the advertisements for CAA. The entire thing is a lie orchestrated by them.”

“Who handles coal? The central government. Cattle come in from Uttar Pradesh. Manning the borders is the responsibility of the central forces. Why shouldn’t Amit Shah be arrested?” she further asked.

“Modi Babu is claiming to give free electricity and cooking gas, saying this is his guarantee. But is he giving away free electricity? Did he give Rs 15 lakh in bank accounts? Do not trust these 420 guarantees. What they mention in these advertisements is fake. I don’t know how ECI is allowing misleading advertisements, presented as statements, without the name of the publisher.”

“How did the BJP accumulate so much wealth to give these advertisements? The BJP did not have money for Bengal’s poor MGNREGA workers and Awas Yojana beneficiaries, but now Modi Babu is using money for his own publicity and propaganda.”

“While there is no alliance in Bengal since local CPI(M) and Congress units are working for the BJP, we are with the INDIA Bloc at the national level. The alliance was named INDIA by me, which is why they tried to remove the name India from the Constitution. If the BJP comes to power again, they will attack the Constitution.”

“When INDIA Bloc comes to power, we will abolish CAA-NRC-UCC and stop the misuse of central agencies. When INDIA Bloc forms the government, we will also ensure Bengal’s needs are met.”

“If they weren’t afraid of their imminent defeat, why else would Amit Shah ask people to invest in shares? They are using that to pool money. How can Amit Shah make these comments during the ongoing polls?” she questioned and said, “This is a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. I want to make it clear that the Modi government is not coming back to power, and this is why Amit Shah has to say these things.”

“Bengal has ensured the country’s independence, and it will change the Modi government. If they come to power again, there will be no elections anymore, and the Constitution will be in danger. When Modi Babu loses, Bengal will win.”

“He is weaving stories that Bengalis are with Modi Babu—another lie. Nobody here is with him. Bengalis do not like him. Winning over people requires heart, not advertisements.”

” BJP claims that they are giving free rations, but it is a lie. For the past two years, it has been the state government that has been bearing the costs and providing free food grains to people. BJP’s claims are 420 and have no guarantee. They have also been claiming that they are ensuring water supply, but, in reality, we are providing over 70% of the resources for it.”

“We have fulfilled each of our promises made during the 2021 Assembly elections—be it Lakshmir Bhandar, Khadya Sathi, Krishak Bandhu, or Smart Credit Card. Additionally, we also ensured Sabooj Sathi cycles, smartphones for students, and Swasthya Sathi cards. We believe in keeping our promises if we want people to place their trust in us. We implemented Lakshmir Bhandar within six months of coming to power.”

“We have cleared the dues for 59 lakh MGNREGA workers, who were made to wait for two years by Modi Babu. The state government has come up with the Karmashree scheme, under which job cardholders will be given 50 days of work, which can be extended up to 60 days. By December, our state government will clear the first installment of houses for 11 lakh Awas Yojana beneficiaries, who were denied a roof over their heads by the BJP.”

“Delhi’s BJP leaders are ‘hi-fi’ using ‘10-star’ facilities, whereas the PM has thousands of crores at his disposal to spread lies and propaganda. Before calling the Trinamool Congress corrupt and “chor,” the PM should first take control of his band of thieves. The BJP does not want to give Bengal its due and is branding AITC as thieves for the same. The biggest corrupt party is the BJP. All its candidates have accumulated massive assets,” she alleged.

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