BJP worried due to Sangh’s feedback, Congress seems strong in tribal areas!

Special Correspondent, Indore,
BJP looks weak in tribal areas. Especially in Chhindwara, Mandla, Shahdol, Dhar and Ratlam-Jhabua seats, Congress is looking stronger than BJP here.

Sources say that this feedback has been sent to the BJP headquarters by the central region unit of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Due to the feedback from the Sangh, a wave of concern is being seen in the BJP. Sources say that in this regard, BJP’s strategy for these seats will change in the first week of April. According to the feedback of the Sangh, Dhar and Ratlam Jhabua seats from Malwa and Nimar region have been specially included among the weak seats. If we look at the results of the assembly elections, BJP was behind Congress by about 35,000 votes in Dhar Lok Sabha constituency. Dharampuri, Dhar and Mhow assembly seats of Dhar parliamentary constituency were won by BJP while Congress won Sardarpur, Badnawar, Kukshi, Gandhwani and Manawar seats.

Among the seats won by BJP, only Dharampuri seat is tribal. Whereas the seats of Dhar and Mhow fall in the general category. Obviously BJP is weak in Dhar seat. In Dhar, Congress has fielded a young face in the form of Radheshyam Muvel, while BJP has given ticket to Savitri Thakur, who was the MP here in 2014. BJP has canceled the ticket of sitting MP Chhatar Singh Darbar. Apart from the tribal area, BJP also has to face the problem of factionalism in Dhar. Due to factionalism, BJP had to face defeat in Badnawar assembly seat. On the other hand, Ratlam Jhabua parliamentary constituency has always been challenging for BJP. If 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections are left out, then BJP has never been able to hoist the flag of victory in this parliamentary constituency. On this seat too, BJP has canceled the ticket of sitting MP Guman Singh Damor and given the ticket to Anita Nagar Singh Chauhan, who is the wife of cabinet minister Nagar Singh Chauhan. Whereas Congress has again placed its bet on Kantilal Bhuria. Talking about the figures, there are a total of 8 assembly seats in this Lok Sabha seat. Of these, four are MLAs from BJP, three from Congress and one from Bharatiya Adivasi Party. BJP has been able to win the seats of Petlawad, Alirajpur, Ratlam Rural and Ratlam City of this parliamentary constituency. Whereas Congress has won the seats of Jobat, Jhabua and Thandla. Sailana seat has gone to Bharatiya Adivasi Party. If we talk about the results of assembly elections, if the results of Sailana are removed from Ratlam Jhabua parliamentary constituency, then Congress has an edge.

If Jayas fields a candidate then it will be difficult for Congress!

Bharatiya Adivasi Party MLA Kamleshwar Dodiyar has announced that he will contest elections from Ratlam Jhabua parliamentary constituency on Jayas ticket. If this happens then Congress will be in trouble. Otherwise, according to caste equations and statistics, Congress is heavier than BJP. Congress candidate Kantilal Bhuria comes from Bhil tribal community while Anita Nagar Singh Chauhan is from Bhilala community. Jhabua and Alirajpur districts are dominated by the Bhil tribal community. Obviously, there is a wave of concern in BJP after the feedback of Sangh.

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