BJP making strategy for fifth victory and Congress making strategy to snatch seat

  • In the contests held so far, Janata Party has won once, Jan Sangh twice, Congress four times and BJP seven times
  • Under BJPs’ control since 2003

Omprakash Arya, Kurwai (Vidisha)
This time BJP will contest Kurwai Assembly seat with the aim of achieving fifth consecutive victory, while Congress will try to snatch this seat from BJP.

In the election contests held from 1957 to 2018, Janata Party candidates have won this seat once, Bharatiya Jan Sangh twice, Congress four times and BJP candidates seven times. Kurwai assembly constituency came into existence in the year 1957 as one of the assembly constituencies of Madhya Pradesh state.

This assembly constituency has been reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates since 1977. Presently this seat is in Sagar parliamentary constituency. Kurwai assembly seat has been continuously captured by BJP since 2003. On this seat, in 2018, Hari Singh Sapre of BJP defeated Subhash Bohat of Congress by 16695 votes. Presently Hari Singh Sapre of BJP is the MLA from this seat. At the same time, this will be very important that this time who will get the ticket from both the parties BJP and Congress?.

Possible candidates of BJP and Congress – BJP’s current MLA Harisingh Sapre, former MLA Veersingh Panwar, District General Secretary Anil Sonkar, nephew of former MLA Late Chironji Lal Sonkar, etc. along with many other leaders are staking their claim. The names of many claimants including former Congress MLA Panbai Panthi, former state president of Bahujan Samaj Party, state president of Congress Scheduled Caste Department Pradeep Ahirwar, district panchayat member Rani Ahirwar, former candidate Subhash Bohat, Sunil Borse are being discussed.

Major problems

The biggest problems in Kurwai assembly constituency are unemployment, education and health services. More work still needs to be done on these issues.

Biggest victory and defeat on this seat

In 1967, K Kumar of Bharatiya Jan Sangh had defeated H Singh of Indian National Congress by 18914 votes with the highest number of votes in the Kurwai assembly seat since 1957. Bharatiya Jana Sangh’s K. Kumar got 28431 votes and H Singh of Indian National Congress got 9517 votes. In 1985, BJP’s Shyamlal defeated Pancham Lal Sapre of Congress by 1894 votes with the least number of votes. BJP’s Shyamlal got 17937 votes and Congress’s Pancham Lal Sapre got 16043 votes.

Who won and who lost in the elections so far?

In 1972, Avadh Narayan of Bharatiya Jan Sangh won by 6515 votes from nearest rival Tam Singh of Congress.
In 1977, Ramcharan Lal of Janata Party won by 5162 votes, coming closest to Congress.
In 1980, Panbai of Congress (I) won by 2402 votes from the nearest rival Parmanand Panthi of BJP.
In 1985, Shyamlal of BJP won by 1894 votes from the nearest rival Pancham Lal Sapre of Congress.
In 1990, BJP’s Shyamlal won from nearest rival Hiralal of Congress by 10040 votes.
In 1993, Chironji Lal Sonkar of BJP won from nearby Pan Bai of Congress by 7626 votes.
In 1998, Raghuveer Singh of Congress won by 2826 votes from the nearest rival Chironji Lal Sonkar of BJP.
In 2003, Shyamlal Panthi of BJP won from nearest rival Raghuveer Singh of Congress by 14202 votes.
In 2008, Hari Singh Sapre of BJP won by 11189 votes from nearest rival Maya Devi Sapre of Congress.
In 2013, Veer Singh Pawar of BJP won from the nearby Paan Bai Panthi of Congress by 4081 votes.
In 2018, Hari Singh Sapre of BJP won by 16695 votes from nearest Subhash Bohat of Congress.

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