BJP-Congress face to face in election battle

  • BJP is busy working out the equations to win lost seat
  • Both candidates claiming victory

Nirupam Banerjee, Chhindwara
As soon as Congress and BJP enter the electoral battle in Madhya Pradesh, both are trying to settle the equation. On one hand, BJP is claiming to win the elections by organizing a meeting of Home Minister Amit Shah to settle the equation of the seat lost in the last assembly elections. On the other hand, Congress candidate Sunil Uikey is seen boasting of victory by holding a huge nomination rally with thousands of his workers.

BJP is following a special strategy to demolish Kamal Nath’s stronghold Chhindwara. Junnardev seat of Chhindwara has seen a tough contest between Congress and BJP in the last three elections. In the last elections, the account of Bharatiya Janata Party was not opened in Chhindwara district. Talking about Junnardev seat of Kamal Nath’s stronghold Chhindwara, here too the Congress candidate had won last time. Junnardev Assembly seat has seen a tough contest in the last three elections, with both Congress and BJP winning one by one. In the 2008 election, Tejilal Saryam of Congress emerged victorious by a narrow margin, securing 44,831 votes. He defeated BJP’s Nathan Shah Kavareti, who got 44,637 votes. However, in the 2013 election, BJP’s Natthan Shah Kavareti won a landslide victory with 74,319 votes, defeating Congress’s Sunil Uikey, who got 54,198 votes. Whereas, in the last election i.e. 2018 election, Sunil Uikey of Congress made a successful comeback by winning by 78,573 votes. In this election, Ashish Thakur of BJP gave him a tough competition, but he got 55,885 votes. Even though the issues have changed this time compared to the 2013 general elections, the traditional faces of BJP and Congress are again face to face on some seats. Same is the case in Junnardev Assembly. Once again, like in 2013, Natthan Shah Kavareti from BJP and Sunil Uikey, candidate from Congress are once again face to face. On the basis of strong hold in the area, caste equation, survey and other aspects, BJP has fielded Natthan Shah Kavareti in the election battle for the third time. Current MLA Sunil Uikey is also in the fray for the third time as a Congress candidate.

Even after facing defeat in 2013, he remained present among the general public in the assembly, the response of which he got in the form of Victory in the 2018 elections. At present both the candidates are once again face to face in the electoral battle. Even after losing by a huge margin last time, BJP is confident of victory on the basis of its government’s schemes, while Congress candidates are also claiming victory on the basis of grassroot level workers and the work and achievements done during the last 15 months of the government.

Troubled by factionalism, both the parties are trying to find a solution – as the election date approaches, the competition between candidates and public relations is increasing. Everyone is trying to fit his/her pieces among the public as per his/her own wish. While there is a lot of movement of candidates in the Assembly, some are secretly trying to gain public support. But the special thing among this is that the traitors of every party are trying to spoil the mathematics of their own candidate. This has made the matter interesting. Started preparations for assembly elections. This is the reason why both the parties troubled by factionalism are constantly trying to find a solution.

Fear of betrayal troubling

With strong factionalism going on in both the parties, both the parties are claiming victory in the assembly elections. BJP has to struggle with internal strife and angry workers. Instead of fighting the elections with complete unity, a tug of war is still going on among the BJP leaders. Last Saturday, a similar scene came to light, when after the meeting of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Junnardev, two BJP leaders of Junnardev constituency had a fierce fight with each other in the office itself. The reason was due to booth level officials not getting enough space in the Home Minister’s meeting, the effect of which will also be seen in this election. At the same time, Congress seems to be successful in convincing its angry workers to a great extent. It is noteworthy that after the intervention of senior leaders of the party, the disgruntled leaders agree on the surface, but internally they betray. Therefore, since the distribution of tickets, the leaders of BJP and Congress have started fearing a betrayal.

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