BJP conducting reverse survey: Kamal Nath

  • These days, a game of getting rid of each other is going on in BJP
  • Preparation to banish them in this election
  • Curtain of BJP’s drama is about to fall

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Madhya Pradesh Congress State President Kamal Nath is leaving no opportunity to take a jibe at the BJP. On Sunday, again to heat up the election atmosphere, he targeted the BJP by tweeting.

Taking a dig, he tweeted that now it has become a subject of humor and ridicule among the people of Madhya Pradesh that BJP is conducting such a reverse survey to find out which BJP candidate will lose with the least number of votes. Only one ticket should be given, so that the double insult of the double engine can be reduced a little.

He further wrote in the tweet that what is more, it is also a matter of discussion among the public that any senior BJP member of Madhya Pradesh who can challenge the contenders of Delhi tomorrow, is ready to be dealt with in this assembly itself.

That is why a game of strategy is being played to eliminate his challenge by making him contest and defeat him in the assembly elections that he has already lost. BJP’s platforms have become like stages of comedy-one-act plays, in which neither story is true.

Congress’s list has not been released yet

Due to assembly elections, political temperature is rising in MP. Both the parties are attacking each other. There is a continuation of taunting. The round of allegations and counter-allegations continues. Meanwhile, BJP has so far released its three lists of candidates. At the same time, Congress is still brainstorming on the names.

Congress will release its manifesto in Navratri

Before the assembly elections to be held in Madhya Pradesh, Congress is making bold moves. Even though the Congress has not yet opened its cards regarding the names of the candidates, it has prepared a manifesto to woo the public, which will be released during Navratri. The news is that this time Congress has tried to woo every section of the society through its manifesto. In this, special focus has been given to government employees, youth, women and farmers. It is reported that after the Shivraj government in MP brought the Ladli Behna Yojana and the Center brought the Women’s Reservation Bill, Congress has also made a separate manifesto for women in the name of Priyadarshini. A letter has been prepared in which many big announcements have been made for women including a gas cylinder for Rs 500, Nari Samman Yojana for Rs 1500.

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