Bhopal hits 38°C, Ratlam peaks at 39°C

  • Temps likely to climb to 40 degree mark in coming days

Bhopal: Following a period of rainfall, Madhya Pradesh is currently experiencing a significant surge in temperatures. Ratlam recorded a scorching high of 39 degrees Celsius on Saturday, setting a new record, while temperatures soared above 38 degrees Celsius in five cities, including Bhopal and Narmadapuram. This season marks an unprecedented occurrence where all cities are witnessing elevated temperatures. Notably, Rewa saw a rapid increase of 5 degrees Celsius within a single day. The meteorological department forecasts the persistence of this heat wave for the next few days, with temperatures anticipated to climb as high as 40 degrees Celsius in numerous cities between March 27 and 31.

On Saturday, the eastern region of Madhya Pradesh, particularly Jabalpur and Rewa divisions, experienced the most intense heat. Daytime temperatures surged by up to 5 degrees Celsius in various cities, with Rewa observing a notable rise of 5.1 degrees Celsius, while others witnessed increments ranging from 1.2 to 3.8 degrees Celsius.

Pachmarhi records 30.8 degrees

Pachmarhi reported the lowest temperature at 30.8 degrees Celsius, whereas Ratlam marked the highest at 39 degrees Celsius. Bhopal recorded temperatures of 38.4 degrees Celsius, Tikamgarh at 38 degrees Celsius, Sagar at 38.6 degrees Celsius, and Narmadapuram at 38.8 degrees Celsius.

In several cities such as Jabalpur, Ujjain, Shajapur, Raisen, Naugaon, Khargone, Satna, Khandwa, Mandla, and Khajuraho, temperatures surged to 37 degrees Celsius or above. Meanwhile, in Indore, Gwalior, Dhar, Betul, Sidhi, and Umaria, temperatures ranged from 36 to 36.9 degrees Celsius.

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