Bhopal gears up for holy month of Ramadan

  • First Roza to be observed on March 12

Bhopal: The vibrant city of Bhopal is abuzz with anticipation as it prepares to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, set to commence on March 12, 2024. Residents are gearing up for a month of fasting, prayer, and reflection, with the first Roza (fast) scheduled to be observed on the inaugural day of Ramadan.

Local markets in the heart of Bhopal are bustling with activity as shopkeepers make final preparations to meet the increased demand for items essential to iftar (the meal to break the fast) and Taraweeh (nightly prayers during Ramadan). Shoppers are thronging the markets to purchase a variety of dates, fruits, and other traditional delicacies, creating a festive atmosphere across the city.

In a notable development, all mosques in Bhopal are set to commence Taraweeh prayers from the evening of March 11, offering the faithful an early opportunity to engage in communal prayers and spiritual reflection. The mosques are making necessary arrangements to accommodate the increased number of worshipers during this sacred month.

As the Sun sets on March 12, marking the beginning of Ramadan, Bhopal is poised to embrace the spiritual essence of the holy month. The community is coming together to observe the traditions and rituals that make Ramadan a time of increased devotion, charity, and self-discipline. Bhopal is not only preparing to honor the significance of fasting but also to foster a sense of unity and community among its diverse population during this auspicious time.

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