“BHEL today has a very good order book”

Bhopal, “BHEL, today has a very good order book and we have to deliver quality products on time which are world class and reliable & are as per customer expectations. BHEL products have their own reputation throughout the industrial world and are popular among the customers due to their reliability”, said Smt. Bani Varma, Director (Industrial Systems & Products) while addressing the employees and officers during her visit to the Bhopal factory today. On this occasion, Shri S M Ramanathan, Executive Director, BHEL, Bhopal and General Managers of Corporate Office & Bhopal Unit and other senior officers were also present.

Shrimati Varma reviewed the traction motors being manufactured at Bhopal Unit for Vande Bharat Train Set order given by Indian Railways to BHEL and various other issues related to this project. She visited the CET (Centre for Electric Transportation) lab to get information about the testing of various traction related equipment and held discussion with the officials there. Shrimati Varma also inspected the motors under construction in accordance with the order received from Nuclear Power Corporation India Limited in Block-2 and unveiled the CNC Flame Cutting Machine developed by WE Department in Block-1A. The use of this machine, will increase the speed of work as well as result in completely error free execution. She reviewed the transformer manufacturing and orders received with all the officers of the department while discussing various aspects related to transformer production. She said that we have good orders for transformers and these orders are quite profitable. Therefore, we have to manufacture the transformer as per its maximum capacity. In the end, she discussed various issues related to their work with the officers, supervisors and employees of Transport (TPTN) and Transformer Department and took important suggestions from them.

During the visit and discussion session, Shri Ramanathan gave information about various projects in BHEL, Bhopal and important orders received from the industry sector especially transformers, transportation and industrial motors and their implementation. He also informed that efforts are being made by the unit to supply material on time to all the manufacturing departments as per the direction of the Corporate Office and considerable success has been achieved in this direction. BHEL, Bhopal is committed to manufacture all the products and deliver them to the customers within the stipulated time frame so that along with the turnover, the profitability of the company also increases.

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