Beer and liquor worth Rs 1.5 crore bulldozed

Stock that had crossed expiry date was destroyed; crowd gathered to watch 

Bhopal: Thousands of liquor and beer bottles were bulldozed on Sunday in the capital Bhopal. As soon as the people learnt about this, a crowd thronged to see the action at the Excise Department godown located in Gandhi Nagar. The cost of the destroyed liquor and beer is said to be around one crore 46 lakh rupees.

According to the information received from the Excise Department, the expiry date of beer and liquor bottles had been crossed  more than 6 months back. Beer deteriorates after being in stock for more than 6 months. Permission was taken from the Excise Commissioner to destroy the stock. Apart from this, the liquor destroyed also includes the seized country and raw liquor.

After the action, the smell of liquor spread for one to two kilometers. The confiscated liquor is destroyed by forming a committee after the order of the court. Its videography is also done. It is presented in the court along with the file.

Assistant Excise Commissioner Deepam Raichura said that liquor worth Rs 1.46 crore has been destroyed. It was seized in 2811 cases between 1st September 2020 and 31st December 2022. This includes spirit 305 boxes, beer 97 boxes, country liquor 1278 boxes, raw liquor 85,331 liters.

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