Bangladeshi president appoints Sheikh Hasina as new PM

Dhaka, Jan 11 (UNI) Bangladeshi President Mohammed Shahabuddin on Wednesday appointed ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) party leader Sheikh Hasina as the new prime minister of the South Asian country.

This is Hasina’s fourth consecutive term as the country’s prime minister.

The president also invited her to form a new government as her party has gained the confidence of the majority of the members of the parliament, the country’s Cabinet Division said in a gazette notification.

Hasina, along with other lawmakers from her party, took oath as members of parliament on Wednesday after the victory of her party in Sunday’s general elections.

According to a gazette notification published by the Election Commission on Tuesday afternoon, the AL party led by Hasina won 222 out of 298 seats of the parliament. The AL-led alliance bagged a landslide win with 225 seats.

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