Bamboo rain shield is also cultural symbol of Meghalaya

Bhopal: Under the Latest and popular online series of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya entitled Exhibit of the Week’ ‘

KNUP Bamboo rain shield collected from East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya  has been displayed as the Second Exhibit of the month of September, 2023 at IGRMS.

In this regard Dr. Bhuvan Vikram, Director, IGRMS said that the Knup is a shallow cone-shaped rain shield. It is made from locally available resources that may differ from region to region. It is a Khasi rain shield, which is an essential part of their lives, especially during monsoon. Knup is famous for its utilitarian purposes. A local variety of bamboo called slew is used to make Knups. In the making process, palm leaves are first dried and shaped into the desired size and patterned by flattening under a heavy object. The thin bamboo strips are then woven in an oval-shaped pattern and layered with two layers of palm leaves for waterproofing. The edges are sewn together with fine splits of bamboo and held together with bamboo pins. The elongated surface covers the back of the person up to the waist, protecting the body from both heavy rains and the sun when they are out in the paddy fields. The Knup not only protects themselves from rain but also allows them to work freely on the steep hill slopes of the terrace farming without using their hands for extra work. The Knup is not only a utility object but also a cultural symbol of Meghalaya.

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