Attracting voters of Mahakaushal and Bundelkhand depends on Modi

Special Representative, Indore
With the help of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity, the BJP is trying to attract the Dalit community of Mahakaushal and Bundelkhand. According to sources, BJP’s national strategists have decided that to reduce the anti-incumbency against the state government, the achievements of the central government should be put forward.

The Prime Minister visited Sagar on 12 August where he laid the foundation stone of Rs 100 crore memorial being built in memory of Sant Ravidas. Apart from this, he also inaugurated Kota Bina double railway line and laid the foundation stone for important highways. There are 38 assembly seats in Mahakaushal and 26 in Bundelkhand. The BJP has tried to win over the Dalits of these fifty-four seats through the Sant Ravidas Samarsata Yatra.

Before the Sant Ravidas Samarsata Yatra, BJP has also organized such yatras on the birth anniversaries of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule and Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. Similarly, in the memory of revolutionaries like Birsa Munda, Tantya Mama Bhil, Raghunath and Shankar Shah, the party has organized many programs in the past for the tribal community. The entire focus of the BJP is on the tribal and Dalit communities. There are about 22 percent tribal and 16 percent Dalit voters in the state. 47 assembly seats are reserved for tribals in the state and 35 for Dalits, but both these communities have influence on at least 120 assembly seats in the state.

The state government is constantly trying to woo the OBC class as well. Caste-wise commissions have been made for this community. Actually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strengthened and expanded the social base of BJP. The party was once considered a well wisher of the upper castes. It was called the party of Baniya Brahmins. Then it was said about BJP that it is only a party of Cow Belt ie Hindi Belt. The BJP slowly demolished this notion. Now it is a situation that BJP gets maximum support from tribals, dalits and backward classes. The social base of BJP has definitely increased during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but it started with the Ayodhya movement. In the 1989 Lok Sabha elections, for the first time, BJP tried to woo the backward classes by doing social engineering, which has completely become the reality of Indian politics today. BJP is the most preferred party of the OBC class across the country. In the coming days in Madhya Pradesh, there will be visits of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Minister Amit Shah and other central leaders.

BJP does not want to leave any stone unturned in the state

Madhya Pradesh has elections at the end of this year. Before this, BJP is engaged in helping voters of every category. After taking out the Rani Durgavati Gaurav Yatra to woo the tribal voters, the BJP has now tried to woo the Dalits through the chariots of Sant Ravidas Samarsata Yatra. Samarsata Yatra was taken out in the state from 25th July. Which covered about 55000 villages and reached Sagar on 12th August. All the big leaders and people’s representatives of BJP became a part of this yatra. BJP claims that the grand Sant Ravidas temple to be built in Sagar will become a major center of social harmony. The BJP government has built the temple of Saint Shri Ravidas Ji, the center of social harmony in Maihar at a cost of 3.5 crores, after which a grand temple of Saint Ravidas Ji will be built in Sagar at a cost of 100 crores. Soil from 55 thousand villages of the state and water from more than 350 rivers have been collected through Samarsata Yatras.

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