Atishi accuses Haryana Govt of blocking Delhi’s water share

New Delhi, June 7 (UNI) Alleging the Haryana government of hatching a conspiracy against Delhi by stopping its share of water, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and Delhi Minister Atishi on Friday said the water problem in the national capital will not be solved even if Himachal Pradesh releases water.

After inspecting the Wazirabad barrage, Atishi accused, “Haryana government is not giving the rightful due water to Delhi. Due to this, the water level has come down to 669.7 feet on June 7 as compared to 671.3 feet on June 2.”

“Supreme Court is trying to solve the water problem of the people of Delhi. Therefore, the Apex Court is continuously hearing this matter and ordered the meeting of the Upper Yamuna River Board and will hear it again on Monday.

But for the last 5 days, when the hearing is going on in the Supreme Court, the Haryana government is conspiring behind the back of the Top Court,” Atishi alleged.

“The water coming into the Yamuna is supplied to Wazirabad, Chandrawal and Okhla water treatment plants. When the water supply itself will reduce and the water in the water treatment plant will reduce, when less water will come into the Yamuna from Haryana, then from where will the water treatment plant produce water?” Atishi questioned adding that this will affect the supply and people will face problems.

“Himachal Pradesh is ready to help but the Haryana government is now hatching a conspiracy that even if Himachal Pradesh gives water, the problem of Delhiites will not be solved, that is why Haryana is constantly stopping the water that they have to send to Wazirabad,” Atishi further alleged.

The Minister added that they will take the entire issue before the Supreme Court and ensure that Delhi will be able to get its share of water and the additional water from Himachal Pradesh without any obstruction.

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