As long as Modi is alive, no one can touch SC-ST-OBC’s quota: PM

Nandurbar (Maharashtra), May 10 (UNI) Taking a dig at the Congress while addressing the “roti-kapda-makan” concerns of the underprivileged and tribals, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday assured voters in this northwest Maharashtra district with “Vanchiton Ka Jo Adhikaar Hai, Modi Unka Chaukidaar Hai”.

Claiming it to be one of “Modi’s guaranties”, the PM said: “I am not from a royal family like the Congress. I have grown up in poverty, I know how much you have suffered here.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by tribal communities, including the lack of basic amenities like water and electricity, Modi highlighted his government’s efforts to address them, as he reaffirmed his commitment to providing homes, water, and electricity to every household.

He mentioned that over one and a half million poor people in Nandurbar have been provided roof with PM Housing scheme, along with essential amenities.

Emphasising on the BJP’s focus to eradicate sickle cell anaemia and ensuring food security, he said, “Congress has never cared for tribal brothers and sisters. Sickle cell anaemia is a big threat in tribal areas. But Congress didn’t pay much attention to this disease.

“It is the BJP that has launched a campaign to eradicate sickle cell anaemia from its root. So that no poor person remains malnourished…”

He criticised Congress for neglecting tribal welfare and attempting to gain votes via lies and false promises.

“The NDA government has ensured water supply to every household in more than 20,000 villages in Maharashtra, including 111 villages of Nandurbar,” said PM Modi, highlighting the government’s achievements in the region.

Speaking on the issue of reservations, PM Modi condemned the Congress party’s agenda to divide and manipulate reservation policies for their political gains. He assured the audience that the rights of SC, ST, and OBC communities would be protected under his leadership.

“No matter how many efforts they make. No matter how many lies they spread with anti-national forces. You have Modi’s trust, Modi’s guarantee. As long as Modi is alive, no one can touch the reservations of SC, ST, OBC. ‘Vanchiton Ka Jo Adhikaar Hai, Modi Unka Chaukidaar Hai,” said PM Modi.

“Congress has never cared for tribal brothers and sisters. It’s the BJP that is building museums for tribal warriors across the country,” said PM Modi, criticising the Congress for neglecting the contributions of tribal revolutionaries.

Attacking the Congress and its allies for their anti-Hindu and anti-national sentiments, PM Modi said, “When I go to a temple, the Congress calls it anti-India. Look at their mindset.

“They called the Ram temple in Lord Ram’s own country anti-national,” Modi thundered amid a rousing audience as he pointed out the Opposition’s activities.

“Those who do government sponsored iftaris for appeasement, those who beautify the graves of terrorists, they call me anti-national for going to my Ram temple.

“The INDI alliance is attacking not me, but your faith. The Congress party is conspiring to erase Hindu faith from the country.”

Modi also highlighted Shiv Sena’s “fake intentions and moves towards misleading people”, saying, “I feel sad many times thinking about how much Balasaheb Thackeray would be suffering. Now these fake Shiv Sena people have started taking even the culprits of bomb blasts in their campaign.

“So, it’s not a big deal that they dream of burying me alive. These people have lost the support and trust of the public, their political ground has slipped away.”

“But they forget that the 140-crore people of India are my protectors. The ‘Matru Shakti’ of this country is my shield. I have so much blessing from the ‘Matru Shakti’ that these people won’t be able to bury me alive even if they want to,” the Prime Minister added.

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