Ajay Gupta Advocates “PHYZITAL EDUCATION” as the Cornerstone of Learning in the Post-COVID Era

In a paradigm-shifting reflection on the evolution of education, Ajay Gupta, the visionary founder of Bachpan Play Schools, emphasized the transformative journey of digital education, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a robust business background spanning 38 years, Ajay Gupta conveyed the pivotal role digital education played in our lives.

Mr. Gupta painted a vivid picture of the pre-COVID era, where digital education lingered at our doorsteps, softly knocking for attention. However, the awareness of its significance was lacking. “Digital education was there, knocking at our gates, but we failed to acknowledge its presence. It urged us to become a part of life, yet we were reluctant,” said Mr. Gupta.

As the pandemic struck, traditional education came to an abrupt halt, compelling people to recognize the importance of digital education. Despite initial challenges in its adoption, the understanding of its value began to permeate through communities.

Contrastingly, Mr. Gupta pointed out that “Bachpan” had already grasped the essence of digital education. While schools and educational institutions were grappling with the transition to digital learning, Bachpan Play Schools had successfully adopted digital education within a mere 15 days. This early adoption by the younger generation played a pivotal role in keeping education vibrant during challenging times.

Post-COVID, not only Bachpan Play Schools but the entire education sector in the country has embraced a blend of physical and digital elements. In this context, physical education signifies offline learning, while digital education represents the online realm. School assessments have taken on a dual nature, seamlessly integrating the two forms of education to give a new dimension to learning.

Ajay Gupta passionately expressed, “Now, holidays will come in two forms – physical holidays and digital holidays. In case of any unforeseen circumstances leading to the closure of educational institutions, the shift is not towards a hiatus but towards the seamless continuation of education through digital means.”

The visionary leader’s message underscores the crucial role that digital education should play in our lives. His foresight into the importance of early adoption, especially during the pandemic, has not only kept education alive but has also paved the way for a more dynamic and versatile approach to learning.

The impact of Ajay Gupta’s thoughts goes beyond just a change in educational methodologies; it speaks to a larger audience, urging society to embrace digital education as an integral part of the new normal. As the world evolves, Ajay Gupta stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. His vision is not just about surviving in a digital age; it’s about thriving and ensuring that education remains a beacon of hope and progress, regardless of the challenges that may come our way.

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