Airtel claims 1.9 million consumers in Odisha enjoy its 5G service

Bhubaneswar, May 27 (UNI) Bharti Airtel ,one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, on Monday announced that it has 1.9 million customers enjoying 5G service in Odisha.

The company has successfully deployed 5G service across all cities and districts in Odisha reflecting a promising shift towards offering next-generation mobile connectivity.

Airtel has registered a significant increase in 5G users in the past 6 months in Odisha. The company’s expansive network deployment has effectively extended its services across the entire state, greatly simplifying the process for customers to embrace 5G.

From the iconic architectural marvels of Konark Sun Temple and Lingaraja Temple to the breathtaking vistas of tourist hotspots like Chilika Lake, Khandagiri Udaygiri caves, Hirakud Dam and Odisha Coastline, Airtel continues to complete its rollout across Odisha.

COO- Odisha, Bharti Airtel R Balaji Singh, said,”We are making significant strides in building the network infrastructure required to facilitate widespread adoption of 5G in Odisha.

He expressed gratitude to the valued customers who have upgraded to enjoy the power of unlimited 5G service at no additional cost.

The rapid deployment and adoption of 5G in the country is due to multiple factors including rapid network enhancement, accelerated 5G rollout and increasing availability of 5G devices, he said.

In order to make affordable devices accessible to users, Airtel also collaborated with Poco to offer sub-10K 5G smartphones, which helped to grow its overall 5G user base in the country.

Retail expansion in the region to increase physical format of stores has further augmented consumer connect to help customers upgrade conveniently to 5G service,Singh said.

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