After Mars and Moon, in week’s time ISRO all set for Aditya-L1 Sun Mission

Chennai, Aug 28 (UNI) Having succeeded in the third Lunar mission, that ensured soft landing on Moon’s south polar region, a feat achieved only by India, the entire ISRO community is on the “the moon”, ‘cloud nine’ as Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself said, as he travelled all the way straightway overcoming journey vagaries came to Bengaluru from South Africa and Greece.

It was a momentous occasion after he personally said that he could not be present there when India soft landed on the Moon.

But after a video address from Johannesburg, Mr Modi kept his date with the ISRO scientists and landed in Bengaluru addressed them to rejuvenate them, for further success.

And buoyed by his address and his encouragement, ISRO is now all set for yet another inter-planetary mission–aiming the Sun, which is to be followed by other planets like the first human spaceflight Gaganyaan, a point refereed Mr Modi himself and also Venus.

After 42 challenging days for Moon mission, it will be even more tricky and further challenging as the Sun’s spacecraft will have to take a 120 day sojourn to land on the Solar region–about four times of the distance from Earth to the Moon.

While the Moon’s distance from earth is 3.84 lah km, the journey for LI Aditya is 1.5 million km.

Despite basking on the success and glory of Ch-3 mission that made the India only country to land on south pole region, ISRO scientists are working overtime to make its next inter-exploratory mission to go from the very cold Lunar to the very hot Sun and make it a success further catapulting it in the world arena.

If the sources are to be believed the Mission will take place in a week’s time that will further propel India to be the space major in the world, perhaps a feat not achieved by any one after south pole in the moon.

ISRO sources said we will go beyond mars, moon, sun and further thereafter including Venus, that will definitely establish the confidence of the ISRO scientists –all indigenous missions, that will place India among the leading space faring nations in the world which will start looking up to India that has injected multiple satellites in various orbits over the years that included launching of more than 100 satellites in a single mission and demonstrating to switch off the vehicle engine, restart again and bring down them to lower orbits.

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