After Arun Goel quits; Kharge asks Election Commission or Election Omission

New Delhi, Mar 10 (UNI) The Congress expressed deep concern on Saturday over the resignation of Election Commissioner Arun Goel just days before the announcement of Lok Sabha elections.

On social media post X, Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said that as Lok Sabha elections are about to be announced, “India is left with only one Election Commissioner.”.

“As I have said earlier, if we do not stop the systematic decimation of our independent institutions, our DEMOCRACY shall be usurped by dictatorship!”” Kharge said.

He said, “ECI will now be among the last Constitutional institutions to fall.”

Alleging that the new process of selecting the Election Commissioners has given all the power to the ruling party, Kharge, through his post, asked the Prime Minister, “Why has the new Election Commissioner not been appointed even after 23 of the completion of latter’s tenure?”

Modi government must answer these questions and come out with a reasonable explanation, Kharge said.

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