Accused absconding for two years arrested

The accused are residents of Maharashtra and other states; used to cheat people in name of selling ayurvedic medicines

Bhopal: The accused who used to cheat the general public in exchange of providing medicines in the name of Ayurvedic treatment have been arrested. Instructions had been given to take action to arrest the accused who had been absconding for a long time.

Under the direction of police station in-charge MP Nagar Jai Hind Sharma, a team was formed and the search for the accused was started.

In the year 2021, at MP Nagar police station, Bhopal, the complainant and other applicants had reported about fraud of lakhs of rupees by the accused during the treatment of their family in the name of Ayurvedic treatment and medicines. On which crime number 188/22 section 420, 120B IPC was registered against the accused in MP Nagar police station and taken up for investigation.

During the investigation, one accused in the case was arrested earlier from Pune and the remaining accused were absconding since the date of the incident.

The method of incident was that the accused used to target such people whose family members were suffering from serious illness and who were suffering. They used to cheat such people by giving expensive Ayurvedic medicines in the name of Ayurvedic treatment and giving full assurance of their recovery.

The accused also had female companions in their group. During the background investigation of the accused, Arjun Venkatesh was arrested and efforts were made to arrest the absconding accused. After continuous efforts, the MP Nagar police team succeeded in arresting the accused Shanta Gurgappa Vedu, Karan Yalappa Vedu, Anil Durgappa Vedu from Kolar Bhopal.

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