AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal convicted in doctor’s suicide case

New Delhi, Feb 28 (UNI) A Delhi special court on Wednesday convicted Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Prakash Jarwal in an abetment of suicide case against him and his aides in connection with the death of a doctor in 2020.

The police had registered a case against the Aam Aadmi Party leader on charges of extortion and abetment of suicide.

In this matter, Rajender Singh, a resident of South Delhi, killed himself at his house on April 18, 2020, by naming Jarwal in his suicide note for harassment over his water supply business.

The Delhi Special Court, after hearing arguments on behalf of the prosecution and defense counsel, framed the charges against Jarwal in 2021.

Special Court for MPs/MLAs cases Sh. M.K. Nagpal today, after passing the conviction order of 226 pages, said, “It is held that the prosecution has successfully brought home the guilt of A1 Prakash Jarwal and A2 Kapil Nagar and proved its charges framed against them for the commission of the offense punishable under U/S 306/34 IPC for abetting the commission of suicide by Dr. Rajendra Singh, for the offense of criminal conspiracy punishable under U/S 120B r/w 386/506 IPC, and also the charges framed for substantive offenses punishable under U/S 386 r/w 511 r/w 120B IPC and the second part of Section 506 r/w 120B IPC. Further, the prosecution has also been successful in establishing its charge for the offense of criminal intimidation punishable under the first part of Section 506 of the IPC against A-3 Harish Jarwal. All the accused persons are accordingly held guilty of the above-mentioned offenses and are therefore being convicted.”

The court further said, “However, before hearing submissions on the quantum of sentence to be awarded to the convicts, the amount of compensation that is required to be paid to the family of the deceased Dr. Rajendra Singh in this case is required to be decided, and for this purpose, the financial capacity of the convicts is also required to be determined as per directions given by the

The Hon’ble High Court vide judgment dated November 27, 2020 in Criminal Appeals No. 352/2020 and 353/2020 are titled Karan vs. . State of NCT of Delhi and Sunny vs. . State of NCT of Delhi, respectively. Hence, the convicts are being directed to file their affidavits disclosing their assets and income in the prescribed format of Annexure A to the above-mentioned judgment within 10 days from today.

Further, as per the terms of the said judgment, Ld. Addl. PP for State is also being directed to file his affidavit regarding the expenses incurred in the prosecution of this case, along with supporting documents, within the prescribed period of 30 days.

The matter is, therefore, now directed to be listed on March 13, 2024, at 10 a.m., awaiting the above affidavits of convicts and the affidavit of Ld. Addl. PP for state or further proceedings.”

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