600 families displaced by floods in Libya

Tripoli, (UNI) More than 600 families were displaced by the floods that hit eastern Libya on Sunday, an official from the Libyan Health Ministry told a press conference in the capital Tripoli later on Tuesday.

Medical teams have been sent to eastern Libya to help those in need, said Mohamed Kablan, head of the emergency department of the Health Ministry.

According to the ministry, more than 130 ambulances, 14 tons of emergency medical supplies and dozens of medical professionals were sent to eastern Libya to help deal with the aftermath of the floods.

Rubber boats have been sent to eastern Libya to help recover the bodies, and a team of specialists is taking DNA samples from the bodies for identification, according to Mahmoud Ashour, head of the Criminal Investigation Department.

According to official data, at least 5,300 people are feared dead and over 10,000 more missing after the floods, triggered by Mediterranean storm Daniel, hit eastern Libya on Sunday.

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