4 trains going to Chhattisgarh cancelled

  • Intercity will stop at Kolaras and Badarwas
  • Passengers going to Chhattisgarh are facing trouble

Chronicle Reporter, Bhopal
Four major trains have been canceled for passengers going to Chhattisgarh from other cities including Rani Kamlapati, Jabalpur and Indore. Because of this, passengers going towards Shahdol, Katni, Anuppur, Bilaspur, Pendra are most troubled.

The Railways says that trains had to be canceled due to track maintenance work. These trains will remain canceled till 27th February. Suresh Sharma, a passenger going from Bhopal to Pendra Road, said that there is direct train service from Narmada Express and Bhopal Passenger to Pendra. This provided convenience. It is noteworthy that about 2000 passengers used to travel daily by the above four pairs of trains. According to Bhopal Railway Division officials, 18234 Bilaspur-Indore Narmada Express will remain canceled till 25th February, 18233 Indore-Bilaspur Narmada Express till 26th February, 18236 Bilaspur-Bhopal Express till 25th February and 18235 Bhopal-Bilaspur Express till 27th February. On the other hand, it has been announced that 12197/12198 Bhopal-Gwalior Intercity Express will have stoppage at Kolaras and Badarwas stations from March 6. Due to this, there is a wave of joy among the travelers of the said area.

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